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Increase Twitter Followers

using these 6

Proven Methods of Success

We all want to increase Twitter followers! It isn’t hard to increase Twitter followers, but it does take commitment. Now you can look at article with 109 different ways to increase Twitter followers all day long, which is how long it will probably take you. Or, you can look at these 6 proven ways to increase Twitter followers based on what experts are saying and especially based on what Twitter is saying. I’ve researched these 6 methods to increase Twitter followers through my own experimentation on Twitter, advice from experts with large Twitter followings and based on what Twitter is recommending we do to grow our following on their platform. In the end, we want to do what Twitter is hinting at but they’re not going to make us a playbook for it.


Increase Twitter Followers with Power Content

Have you ever heard the term “Content is King”? I know I have – for the past 20+ years of me being involved in owning and managing my own websites. Content is king! Content is king! Over and over and over again, I have had that statement drilled into my head. But guess what? It’d vague and misleading! Yeah, really – it doesn’t explain the bigger picture of what it actually means.

Back when the internet first started, back when we got on it, with dialup (I don’t miss that!), it had very little content overall. So, any content was good content and as long as you were creating new content, your websites usually did well. But fast-forward to modern day, any old content isn’t going to cut it. So, yeah, Content is really king, but a specific content is actually king not just any. People are looking for answers online that everyone else doesn’t have.

So, your content is king when: A) The content is creative, B) the content is relative and C) the content is visual. Creativity, relevance, and visualization are the talking points of what makes your content a content worth calling a king. What is a king? A king is an authority! Your content needs to be an authority on Twitter, and you do that by being creative for you audience, being relevant to your niche and providing a visual look so that you are being noticed by potential followers.

So, what does A, B, and C look like for you?

  1. You need to have creative content. This means it needs to be new and personal to your touch. It’s okay to go looks at the content of others, especially if their content is successful. Just don’t copy and paste because you’ll look like you copy and paste. Instead, make it yours, adopt what they are saying and make it original to your brand.
  2. Relevancy is a MUST on Twitter. Choose a niche and stick with it. Its okay to post something non-relevant here and there, as it shows your humanity and personal side but don’t turn it into a habit. Post relevant content to your niche and maintain the style of relevancy.
  3. Visual content for the win! Imagine that I post a question. You’re scrolling through your Twitter feed and you come to my text-based styled question. But before you can answer, another Tweet below it has a photo that catches your eye and you move on to it. That happens a lot of Twitter-it’s something I even do. Your Tweet needs to be visually appealing with a photo, video or something eye catching from everything else.

WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT: Craft a new Tweet that combines all three of these content factors: Creativity, Relevance and Visualization. Submit your Tweet!


Increase Twitter Followers with Active Engagement

Engagement is must when it comes to your goal to increase Twitter followers. Engagement also goes hand in hand with content. Do you use a scheduled Tweet service to post your Tweets? I do myself because it is a lot easier to get my ideas scheduled. But I do login to Twitter every day I Tweet which is every day so that I can engage with those engaging with me on the newly posted Tweet. So, if you schedule, that is fine but make sure you visit in person to engage because that is when you are being on Twitter is going to matter the most. Social media success will never occur for the people who schedule and never visit their posted content.

Engage with as many people as you can. Engagement should occur on your content as well as the content of other people within your niche market. I try to at least ‘heart’ everyone who posts a comment (as long as the comment isn’t controversial or profane) on my Tweets. I really try my best to ‘heart’ and reply to their comments. If you’re a new brand starting out or not big enough where you get thousands of responses, try to take some time each day to engage with everyone on social media. Twitter is an engagement platform where people talk more than anything. Tweets are basically conversation starters so be prepared to active converse with folks after you submit a Tweet.

When engaging, try to avoid simpleton responses such as “That’s cool” or “Thanks” or even just using an emoji or gif. Instead, you need to focus on engagement that makes the audience want to respond. I like to comment with short statements or answers to questions and then also ask a question of my own to keep the discussion going. You should also participate in Twitter chats, which often use special hashtags where a group of people discuss the topics. These are usually monthly or even weekly. With the new Twitter Spaces feature, you should look into that as well. A secret with social media is when it comes to new features released by a platform, you should adopt them as quickly as possible The platform usually serves the new feature more and with little attention to it, you can get seen by a lot of people a lot quicker than when the feature is oversaturated with platform users.

Engagement is best done right after you Tweet. Try to keep your notifications on or check back frequently after posting. Engage with everyone who interacts with your new Tweet. Keep the conversation going. This will help you create trending Tweets, especially if the Tweet gets pretty active with engagement. Remember, Tweets are kind of “in the moment” and after they get a little age to them, they are stale, and they fade away. They might get engagement here and there but that period right after you hit submit it going to be the most active.

WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT: With your newly posted Tweet from the last workshop assignment, now you want to engage with others posting on the Tweet. If no one is posting, try to post on other Tweets in your niche. This may encourage others to visit your page and interact with your content. Be sure to keep the conversation going as long as you can when engaging with others in your own Tweets.


Increase Twitter Followers by Utilizing Features

Twitter is feature rich. Typing some words and hitting submit isn’t the only feature of Twitter. If you’re using Twitter to promote a business, brand, or yourself as a niche market expert-then you need to be utilizing the features of the platform at their fullest. Why? Because that is what Twitter wants you to do! In the end, the longer you stay on Twitter and keep your audience on and interacting on Twitter, the more positive results you will start to see. And as I said before, start using a new feature before the masses and you’ll have a better chance of getting seen by more people as Twitter puts an extra effort in promoting those who are using that new feature more because they want that feature to be successful.

Use features but don’t abuse features! For example, if you want to actively engage another profile in your Tweet, use the @ tagging feature to bring them into the conversation. But don’t tag too many people and never tag people in a post with an external link that is meant to drive traffic to that website for advertising purposes. Tagging users on a post with an external news link is one thing but tagging them on your Tweet with a link to your product is not a good move. A lot of people will see it as spam, and you might get reported to Twitter for spamming as an end result. The same concept goes with hashtags. Use them but don’t overuse and abuse them. I stick to a 1 to 3 hashtag limit for a Tweet. I also make sure the hashtags are directly relevant to my content. Trending hashtags that are not relevant will make you look bad as if you’re trying to beat the system.

Post all sorts of content that Twitter will allow. Post text-based Tweets, photos, 4-photo gallery, and videos. Use polls. Use locations. Create threaded Tweets. Go nuts and enjoy all of the features. You make even try to incorporate all of the feature usage into a posting calendar. For example, one day you post a photo with a text question in it. Then the next day you post a poll. The next day, a video. And so on and so on. And then you want to watch how many people are engaging with you on the type of feature you are utilizing. You’ll be able to see which one works best and you can put more attention on that particular feature.

Lastly, when a new feature arrives, like Spaces. Use it and become good at it as quickly as possible. Twitter is going to promote the new feature and those using the new feature more so than other features most likely. This is because they want that feature to take off. If you’re adopting it at an early stage before the masses get a hold of it, you have a better chance of being seen by my people. If you utilize the features and use the tips that you’ve read so far in this articles, gaining followers on your page isn’t going to be that much of a challenge if you early adopt new features. And even if the feature flops (like with Fleets), you may still gain the attention of people who become followers in the end.

WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT: Create some more Tweets using the content strategy and engagement strategy already advised in the workshops you’ve already done. Now, utilize the features of Tweets for these new Tweets such as photos, videos, polls, and others. Remember to use the best content possible and heavily engage at the beginning after posting. BONUS: Start a Space and see where it goes. I know this can be intimidating though since you will be using your actual voice. But it is a growing popular feature that you might want to start utilizing now before everyone and their brother is using it.


Increase Twitter Followers with External Promotion

Now you need to get your Twitter out there beyond Twitter for potential followers to see. Most of us have a Twitter account. After a certain previous US President mass-tweeted every day, a lot of people joined Twitter so they could see what was going on, lend their support, and of course, show their opposition for said leader. Now everyone is just sticking to Twitter. But not everyone is searching Twitter for people like you even if they are into the niche, you’re into. So, you need to step aside from Twitter and spread the word elsewhere.

One thing to keep in mind though is that other social platforms are just like Twitter. They do not want you to take their users from their platform and lead them off their platform to somewhere else, especially to somewhere considered competition. Facebook competes with Twitter. Twitter competes with Instagram. And so on! So, promoting your Twitter on other social media platforms is fine (as long as you don’t spam) but take note that these platforms usually have controls enabled to make less people see content with links outside their network especially leading to competitors. So, I’m saying this so that you don’t rely on other social platforms to be your source for external promotion.

I like to externally promote not only on other social media profiles but also on my website. If you have a website, link to your Twitter page. Try to put up a widget showing Tweets. Include your Twitter in your newsletter. Include your Twitter page as a form of contacting you on your contact page. You can put your Twitter page anywhere on your website because it’s your website in the end and you’re allowed to do it for the most part. I would make sure every page lists my Twitter page and other social media accounts. If you use something like WordPress software to power your website, there are some awesome FREE plugins to make this possible.

Try to utilize different methods of promoting outside of Twitter. Add your profile link to your website and newsletter. Add it to your email signature. Add it to your social media pages where you can input other social pages. Add a sign to your car advertising your Twitter page. Leave business cards out where those are permitted. If you do video things like YouTube or Twitch, tell other about it on those platforms. If you use audio platforms like Clubhouse, utilize that to promote your Twitter page. Tell your friends. Tell your family members. Tell your boss and co-workers. Share but don’t ever spam because spamming will destroy your reputation. And with that, absolutely, never pay for ‘Buy follower’ service or follow for follow as these Black Hat tactics will often result in account bans and suspensions.

WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT: Think of 4 different ways to promote your Twitter page or Tweets away from Twitter. Promote through these ideas and see if your get new followers or comments/engagements on your latest posted Tweets.


Increase Twitter Followers through Timing Trends

The time of day you post on Twitter is often a critical factor in your effort to increase Twitter followers. Like I said earlier in this article, Tweets are an “at the moment” sort of content types. If you Tweet and it isn’t engaged any, it probably will fade away pretty quick without engagement. It might have been a really good Tweet that could gone viral, too. But now it is a wasted Tweet because no one was around to comment on it at the time of you posting it. But if you knew what times people got on the most, you could had posted then and like got engagement from others.

So, when is the best time to Tweet? There are a lot of Twitter experts out there. These experts are probably really experts at Twitter, too. But they all have their theories on when the best time to Tweet is. Do this experiment for proof: Google “best time to post on Twitter” and look at the results. One expert says between 8-10p and 6-9p. Another expert says 9-11a. One says 9-1p. Another says 2-3a. So, which one is correct? Most likely all of them are correct. That isn’t to say that every hour is a good hour to Tweet. It is to say that based on their research, that was the best time for them to Tweet. The most effective way to discover the best time to Tweet is to Tweet at all hours of the day and night. Then measure engagement.

Now you need to understand that this part is usually the hardest part about Twitter follower strategies. Because who has the time to Tweet all day and all night? I mean, you are probably like me and occasionally like to sleep, eat, and visit others away from Twitter. Luckily there are tools available to help us Tweet when we just can’t do it ourselves. For Twitter, you can use their free feature called TweetDeck for scheduling and tracking Tweets.

Personally, I like to use a paid service called Buffer. I have found it to be the most affordable and easiest to use for Twitter. I solely use it just for Twitter. Scheduling Tweets makes life so much easier, especially when you want to post at different times to measure success of different timing. And if you find a time that works, you can continue to schedule Tweets around that time for the future. A tip though: I would focus on the best time when you can interact with others shortly after you post because engagement is still needed. So, if you Tweet while you sleep, and no engagement occurs, you’ll Tweet will likely fail.

WORKSOP ASSIGNMENT: Craft some more Tweets using what you’ve learned so far in this article. Schedule them to post at different times and watch their engagement rate after they post. Decide on a few times a day what the best time is to Tweet, and you’ll discover the best times to Tweet. The number of Tweets you wish to post each day is up to you but make sure you are consistent with how you decide to do it.


Increase Twitter Followers by Purchasing Ads

Purchasing ads to advertise your Twitter page is a good way of getting more followers. Ads are often served in a way that users will see them first before they see organic content. This is because people has paid to get their pages and content promoted higher than organic trending content. But paying for ads isn’t for everyone. When it comes to spending money, you need to have an ROI or Return on Investment strategy. Basically, you need to gain something after paying for getting it. In most cases, I recommend people only get paid advertising if they are advertising something that should give them more of a profit that the amount they paid for the ads. But sometimes follower campaigns are good to pay for as long as it isn’t too risky.

Before diving into the interesting and exact detail recognition world of paid advertising, I highly recommend you get a better focus on who your audience is on Twitter. This means that you need to have your content strategy in effect. You need to know how to engage. You need to be utilizing all of the features. You need to be promoting outside of Twitter. And you need to be posting at the right time. All these factors which already explained will help you further understand the demographics of your audience. To find these details, study to analytics of your Tweets. Make sure you understand what each statistical metric means and hoe changes to it will affect your follower data. Before spending money, you need to master your Twitter analytical metrics.

When paying for ads to promote a Twitter account as a beginner in advertising, I have two suggestions. (1) Be low risk and (2) don’t advertise to a broad audience. Low risk advertising means spending small amounts before large amounts. If you spend smaller amounts at first and gradually increase your ad budget, you are better able to measure the metrics of your ad performance. This will help you understand if a particular ad is working or not. If not, don’t assume you should quit buying ads-you probably just need to modify the ad which leads to the second suggestion – don’t advertise to a broad audience. This means that when adjusting the demographics and settings of the ad, try to target the people you want the most. A million people is not as good as targeting 4,000 people. Because 1,000,000 people are not going to be into you but 4,000 that share the same age group, gender and interests will probably click those ads.

WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT: Based on everything you have learned up to this point, try buying an ad on Twitter to increase followers. They allow you to specify that campaign. Don’t let Twitter choose your audience, you should fine tune that metric and find the right people. Make sure to measure your ad performance and success and make changes if needed.


And just like that, you’ve seen 6 proven ways to increase Twitter followers. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have, please feel free to like and comment. Invite other people to join this forum so they too can enjoy content like this. Thanks for being a member of the forum and more content like this will be posted in the near future.

Writing Engaging Content

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