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Today is day two of my experiment of blogging every day, and you might be wondering something…

How can I get blog post ideas 365 days a year? That’s a very legit question. It is a question you should answer before you venture into the unknown of daily writing.

I have a few ways that I get new ideas for my blog post topics that I’ve used over the years. Some are simple. Some take a little time and research.

In the end, you must add quality to your ability to get blog ideas if you want them to be read by other humans.


Get Blog Ideas by Reading and Listening

Reading with your eyes and listening with your ears are two of the most proficient ways of gaining new ideas to blog about.

Read as in reading books, other articles, guides, forum discussions, and even social media posts. Listen to the radio, podcasts, and even YouTube videos. By reading and listening to consume content, you’re opening up your mind to be creative.

I read articles online as much as I can. I skim-read using my phone, but it is reading, nonetheless. I love podcasts. I listen to them daily. I can listen to a podcast, take notes, and still do other things.

To get blog ideas for your topics, you must consume other topics for inspiration.


Get Blog Ideas through Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an excellent way to get trending blog ideas, especially if you need people to see your content.

Keyword Research is a proven method. You research what topics people are looking for and see what the competition of that keyword is. If you have a chance to compete, you create content that ranks for the keyword, and then you get traffic. It has more search engine optimization tactics, but you get the picture.

I don’t believe in going into debt to research keywords. I use a service called Uber Suggest by Neil Patel, which works fine. I even got the paid version which is dramatically cheaper than the other related tools. I also use Keywords Everywhere, which is a meager cost.

I recommend you conduct keyword research to find new posting ideas if you want more traffic, but do understand that it will take a little longer to research things.


Get Blog Ideas by Searching on Google

A simple Google Search of the topic you blog about is enough to get you endless ideas to write about.

Get on Google Search. Search for the topic or niche you blog about. Look at the “People also ask” feature on the search results page. Those questions would make great blog posts. Even though there are already articles for them, it doesn’t mean you can’t make one, either. Content marketing will always be about reinventing the wheel. It’s business, baby!

So, as an example, I search for “content marketing” on Google. The result of “People also ask” gave me four questions about content marketing examples, what content marketers do, seven steps of content marketing, and five essential elements of content marketing. I like the first questions about examples of content marketing. I click to expand it. It then adds more questions below. It’s an endless way to get blog ideas.

You can get away with using this feature to get more ideas for your blog.


It isn’t that difficult to get blog ideas. You have to look for them through the various ways of doing it. When I first got on the internet, we didn’t have nearly this much research ability as we do now. There is no excuse why you can’t find ideas – get out there and find them now!

Shawn Gossman

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Shawn Gossman has created content, blogged, ran online communities, and shared a passion for digital marketing for over twenty years. Shawn believes the best way to help content creators, businesses, brands, and marketers is to give away more than you sell. The same advice is recommended for the readers who follow this blog. Shawn also offers various services for extra help in content creation and blogging.

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