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5 Daily

Forum Activity Ideas:

How to remain active

every day!

Being active on a message forum every day can be challenging.

This is especially true if you have a job and other duties in life. However, daily forum activity is vital for the success of your online community. Luckily, there are many ways to be active on your forum and still live your whole life without changing things.

Here are my daily forum activity ideas to help you keep your forum active.


Daily Forum Activity Idea 1: Set Daily Goals

I found this excellent addon for XenForo that allows me to set goals for the day on my forum.

I’ve set a goal of a certain amount on topics, posts, and memberships. My goal is to meet each of these daily forum activity goals on the forum. But you can even do this without an addon by setting your daily plans.

But make sure you’re setting reasonable goals that will not overwhelm you.


Daily Forum Activity Idea 2: Post Question Topics

Posting new topics on your forum is good, but you should post to engage.

Create question-based topics on your forum. Create the subject by asking members a question to encourage engagement on your forum. On another day, you can help maintain a daily forum activity goal by answering your questions.

You effectively create new content one day and allow yourself to add new content another day.


Daily Forum Activity Idea 3: A Post A Day

Set a goal to post at least one topic a day on each main niche board.

Post at least one new topic a day on each section of your forum that you want to remain active daily. These are usually the main niche boards of the forum and what the forum is about. Try to post a fascinating and engaging new topic that will lure in a response from members and visitors who become members to answer the post.

Make this a habitual effort, and it will dramatically increase daily forum activity.


Daily Forum Activity Idea 4: Reply to Everyone

Reply to all member topics on your forum as much as you can.

When a member post on your forum, it should be seen as a big deal. You should make an effort to reply to all posts that end with a member reply. Try to respond with something useful and then finish a question relating to the topic to keep the conversation going.

This is a great way not only to keep the forum active but also to strengthen your community.


Daily Forum Activity Idea 5: Post Exchanging

Try post exchanging to help keep your message forum active.

For example, join a forum like Promotion Forum and become active, earn points, and request posting packages. You can also exchange post amounts with other forum owners. This is a great way to get new members and new topics, and it’s 100% genuine, too.

Just don’t mistake relying on exchanges to keep your forum active.


I hope these daily forum activity ideas help you keep your forum active.

An active forum is a forum that will succeed. If potential members see a forum that isn’t very active, it might permanently scare them away from your community. So, it is imperative to be as busy as possible on your message forum.

But we all have a life in the end, so don’t feel like you have to be there every second of the day.



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