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Writing Every Day

Blog once a week by writing every day?

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

But it does. Or at least I will help you make sense of it when you read this article. And then it’ll become a head-slapping moment of victory for your blogging career. It’ll be pure gold for you!

Blogging once a week is essential for many reasons. First, it helps you remain consistent. It helps with search ranking and marketing.

Most bloggers starting out will post at least once a week.

But what about every day? And what does that have to do with posting a blog once a week?

In this article, I’ll explain how posting every day can help you post once a week.

Why should you blog once a week?

As I said above, posting once  or twice a week is the typical commonality of most bloggers.

You’ll increase readers and followers by posting on your blog once a week. This is because you can consistently show readers that they’ll find content every week on your blog.

The day of the week and time the post is published are essential to maintain the same.

Posting once a week also tells search engines you’re consistently posting weekly. This will allow their robots and algorithms to better serve your content on search engines.

It’s always good to practice good blog SEO when posting to increase your search rankings.

And finally, posting a new blog once a week will help develop your writing skill, organize your blogging into a scheduled session, and overall make you a better blogger.

How to Blog Once a Week by Writing Every Day

How does writing every day help you blog once a week?

But what about all this everyday blogging stuff?

I want you to post a new blog post every day for thirty days.

I’ll explain…

If you can commit to a 30-day blog post challenge, posting a blog once a week will be simple.

The reason is that you’ll be used to posting once a day for roughly four weeks. Once you finish posting once a day and move to once a week, that removes six additional daily posting requirements from your schedule.

Posting once a week starting out might become overwhelming. But posting once a day for 30 days and then going to post once a day strategy will immediately make weekly blogging and simple task.

You basically trick yourself.

Does it make sense?

And as a bonus to posting every day for 30 days, you can learn a lot by experimenting with each post. Do different styles. Mess around with other SEO strategies—practice using different copywriting formulas. Focus on making blogging more straightforward for you to do.


What if you want to keep writing every day?

If you want to continue to post every day versus a blog once a week, go for it.

I used to post once a week when I first started this blog. I challenged myself to post once daily, hoping to make it last for at least a month.

I’ve been blogging once a day for over three months. I do that on two blogs, not just this one.

If you enjoy the challenge of doing it, you should continue. It will only strengthen you as a blogger even if you decide it’s too overwhelming and you need to cut down. You’ll still learn a lot in the process.

And it’ll help your blog do better with people and search engines.


You can see now how easy it will be to blog once a week after blogging every single day. If you follow the advice above, it’ll work out for you. And if you’re scared of running out of ideas, I have the perfect solution, too. Thank you for reading my blog. Please share it with your blogging friends, and follow me on Twitter for more blogging content.

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