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11 Blog Engagement Tactics

to Grow

Your Blog

in 2022

Knowing the best blog engagement tactics is critical in 2022 for growing your blog and its audience. Blog engagement is a big deal. You shouldn’t just post an article and then move on. You want to engage readers and keep them on your blog for as long as you can. This will help your position in Google Search and assist in ranking you as an authority of your niche. It is, however, important to understand that blog engagement tactics don’t just stop at your blog. In this article, I’ll show you how to master your blog engagement tactics and draw in more readers and comments which can lead to authority development, marketing success, and especially profit earning and sales.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 1: Moderate properly

One of the best blog engagement tactics to remember is properly moderating your comments and social feeds. There is nothing more dangerous to your content, marketing, and reputation than toxic engagement. If you allow people to fight, argue, spread disinformation, and spam – it will kill your engagement. You need to create some rules based on positive engagement and enforce those rules for everyone. Don’t make the mistake of letting some get away with it and not others. Moderation will keep your engagement positive and your community growing.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 2: Competition/Giveaway

Consider engaging with your audience by offering a competition or giveaway to readers. You could mention it in the beginning of your post and then explain it more at the end of the post. Do a simple contest or giveaway so that your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed and make sure you are giving away something worth competing for. You don’t have to give away the bank, either. Maybe it could be a discount to your services or products, a small gift certificate, or something along those lines. Giveaways are extremely effective with social media growth so why couldn’t we use them in blogging, too?


Blog Engagement Tactics – 3: Reply Quickly

Engagement success occurs with quick replies. As soon as your blog post gets a comment, you should be reading the comment and replying to it. The first 24-hours of your blog post engagement is critical. You want to get as much engagement as you can but don’t feel like you need stay up all night. Get a good night sleep, wake up, and engage with those who comment. Luckily with blogging, it is easier to continue engaging after 24-hours unlike social where its usually done and you move to the next after so many hours prior to posting. Never leave a comment unengaged, either, NEVER!


Blog Engagement Tactics – 4: Answer then Question

Another one of those better blog engagement tactics are to answer comments and then add questions. Answer any questions to you thoughtfully and accurately in a language that is easy to understand. Then ask a question related to continue the discussion between you and the visitor who left the comment. The idea here is to engage the visitor and keep them coming back for more. Keep a conversation going for as long as you can even if that means days or even months at a time. The more activity in a post, the better it will do in search. And you’ll likely gain an active follower at that point as well and that is most important of all.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 5: New Follower Resources

If a new visitor leaves a comment on an article indicating that they are new to your blog – shower them in goodness! Seriously, create a “start here” on your blog and fill it full of resources, external links, internal links, and freebies related to your niche. Then when a new visitor makes themselves known, reply to them with a link and tell them to check it out for more information. People love being helped and guided to more information critical to their needs.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 6: Add More Resources

Write mini blogs as responses to comments with questions to you. Give the visitor leaving the question comment something awesome to work with. Don’t repeat what is in the blog post even if the answer is already there, instead, reword it and write a paragraph for them to enjoy as if it was written just for them. And make this a habit! You’re a blogger. You’re a source of information – embrace that and use it to make your visitors love you and keep coming back for more and more.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 7: Know Your Audience

Try to write down information about each visitor who comments. Not their username or email! Write down the questions they’re asking and their comments. Compare these questions and comments to other visitors who comment on your posts. Try to get a feel, get a know for the people commenting on your blog. Knowing your audience will help you understand what they want in content which is always who you should be writing for in the first place.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 8: Get Social

Get on social media! Create a profile for your blog (or page) and be active. Post 80% of content exclusive to that particular platform meaning the content you post on Facebook is only found on your Facebook page. Treat each social page as its own community. It might sound like hard work, and it is in most cases, but the ending result is a payday of whatever objective you’re going for. The other 20% of posts should be your blog content.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 9: Find & Join Communities

Look for communities in your niche. Find them on social media. Questions and answer sites. Reddit. Message forums and chat servers. Search for, find, and connect with your communities. Focus on becoming known and becoming best friends with everyone. Get new email contacts. Answer big questions. Help, help, and help some more. Focus on developing authority and reputation as an expert of your niche market. Engage with these folks often and when you create relationships, show them your blog posts.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 10: Effective SEO

Learn SEO now! Learn it from popular and trusted SEO authorities like MOZ or Yoast (or me when I post about it haha) and practice it. Always write for the human before the search engine – the search engine even wants you to do that. Don’t keyword stuff and be consistent about adding QUALITY content. And make sure you update old blog posts as well which will improve previous article SEO. By the way, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization if you didn’t know.


Blog Engagement Tactics – 11: Followers Write Next Post

Pay attention to the comments your visitors are making, especially questions and concerns. This is free fuel for you to create your next article. They’re giving you free ideas – that’s awesome! And you are helping them with an issue they’re wondering about – even more awesome! Do that and you will win them over in a heartbeat. Coming up with new content ideas shouldn’t be a challenge if you just listen to your readers and their concerns.


Well, there you have it! 11 Blog Engagement Tactics for 2022. Get out there and use them. Hey, if you wanted to add a 12th tactic, comment below and tell me what it would be. I’d love to see what you guys have found to work. I’m always looking to learn something new! Thanks for reading and please share it with others if you would.

Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.